Frequently Asked Questions

Below are various questions you might have. They range from flight information to weather information. If you don‘t have your questions answered, don’t hesitate to ask.


Do I need a passport?

Yes. Every participant is required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the day of departure from the U.S.A. Also, make sure your airline ticket information matches exactly with your name in your passport. Here is a website that might answer your passport questions:

Do I need any special shots?


Can I rent a cell phone?

Yes. It’s a great idea and it’s very affordable. We will arrange for a group rate…details coming soon.

What time is the group meeting at the airport in Tel Aviv?

At 3:30pm on February 26, 2018 for a transfer to the hotel.

Is there a group flight?

We have not reserved seats since many seem to use miles, come early or stay on after.

If you would like to fly with the group, contact our travel agent, Ziva, who specializes in Israel and she can arrange that for you!

Call 425-445-4711 or email Ziva:

Do I need to fly with the group to Israel?

No. You may choose any route you’d like. Also, please arrange your flight home sometime around 11:30pm on March 7th (or later!).

Can I extend my trip?

Yes, you can extend your trip. It’s a great way to see more of Israel or visit nearby destinations!

When do you want my final payment?

Assuming you have already sent in your $600 deposit (non-refundable), your final payment ($2945) is due by January 15, 2018. If we do not receive your payment by the 15th, we will relinquish your spot to someone on the waiting list. Please contact us if you would like to make other arrangements.

Is my regular medical insurance good in Israel?

Probably, but check with your specific coverage.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended.


Click here for Travelex Insurance

What if I get sick in Israel?

Israel is a first-world country in terms of medical care and facilities. Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance coverage is applicable in Israel or to arrange alternative insurance. You may decide to purchase optional medical insurance while in Israel for a nominal fee. In the event of a medical incident, this would enable you to avoid having to pay up front for service and get reimbursed from your insurance carrier.

What about money?

To avoid surprises, check with your bank and/or credit card companies to see what they charge to use your ATM or credit cards. (My VISA/MC charges 3%.)

Credit Cards: In many cases it’s easiest to make purchases with a credit card. If you choose to use credit cards, tell your credit card company you will be in Israel so they don’t stop your card while you are trying to make a purchase. Not all vendors accept credit cards but if they do, most cards are usually accepted.

Cash Machines: You may find it easiest to use your debit card. Remember to check with your particular card for fees that might be associated with using it.

Cash: You can exchange money at the airport. The exchange rate is usually pretty darn fair. No need to exchange any money before you get there. Other groups have suggested you’ll likely spend about $500 (shopping, food, tip to guide and driver, plus a little of this & that, etc…)

Do I have to travel with the group throughout the journey?

Yes. In order to ensure the best experience in Israel, participants are expected to travel with the group at all times.

Is there any free time on the trip?

Yes, there will be some free time. Free time will be interspersed throughout the trip, and if you have family that wishes to visit, no problem.

If I have physical limitations, can I participate on this program?

It depends on your specific situation so contact us and we can discuss it.

What about security?

Our trips do not travel to or through areas like the Gaza Strip or any other potential trouble spots which often receive much media attention. We are committed to providing a safe and celebratory experience for all of our trips. If we ever believed we could not provide an experience that is BOTH safe AND celebratory, we would postpone the trip.

What should I pack/bring?

Tip: If you can’t carry it, don’t bring it!

In general, the clothes you already own will work in Israel, too! Check the weather before you go to know more specifically what to pack.

Do you have any cancellation fees?

Yes. Please see our cancellation policy for details.

What’s the weather like?

Links to the weather!